J boog

"Wash House Ting" - July 13, 2004

Album Details

The third album of Samoan Reggae-star Jerry Afemata aka J Boog brings us to the laundry room: after Hear Me Roar (2007) and the celebrated Backyard Boogie (2011), here comes Wash House Ting. It’s a clean production indeed, one that bundles the excellence of international producers, musicians and engineers, e.g. mixer Shane C. Brown and masterer Mike Fuller. The title does not allude to an obsessive tendency for house-keeping, though – it’s rather the name of the label under which the album is released, the Hawaiian Wash House Music.

J Boog introduces the album with a couple of solo-tracks. Nuh Wan Dat and Don’t Worry, both very traditionally and modern Reggae, set the pace for a laid-back listening experience. Listening closely is a good idea anyway, as it reveals quite a few special treats. Background vocals sung by none less than Peetah Morgan, for instance. Or Germany’s top-a-top producer Jr. Blender on tracks 8 and 13. Or Dean Fraser on saxophone in Rose Petals, a track that takes us into sweet love’s realm. Likewise do the melodious ear-catcher Let Me Love You and Sweet Love, a piece of candy for the listeners who value experimental, jazzy hues. Consciousness has its place as well, of course. See Dem Deh, Brighter Day and Vex Me are songs with educational, uplifting and system-critical lyrical content, respectively. Read Full Article by Gardy Stein-Kanjora

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