Stone Senses

"Exception to the Rule" - August 9, 2011


With their unique and undeniably original blend of reggae, rock and soul…STONE SENSES perfects the reggae-rock genre with a style and sound that bridges the gap between traditional roots-reggae and driving, melodic, feel-good rock.

Hailing from Carlsbad, California, and taking the West Coast music scene by storm since 2004, this six piece is as instrumentally diverse and unique in its nature as it is in its band members. Stone Senses masterfully showcases their musical influences and spiritually soulful convictions through creative storytelling, strong-willed lyrics and undeniable musical chops. The result is an unmistakable sound like no other reggae-rock band around.

“Exception to the Rule,” in 2011, Stone Senses continues to rock more than five senses while warming your heart and expanding your mind. So listen up and get ready for these guys to leave their mark on your minds and hearts and inevitably turn the music industry on its ear.

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