The Movement (reggae band)

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The Movement

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The Movement is an American Reggae band originally formed in Columbia, South Carolina, in 2004. The two founding members, Josh Swain and Jordan Miller, then relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they acquired a live rhythm section in the form of local Philadelphia musicians Jay Schmidt and Gary Jackson. The band has released six studio albums. Their music is commonly described as a fusion of rock, reggae, hip hop and acoustic music.

Formation and trio years

The Movement began in 2004 when childhood friends Josh Swain and Jordan Miller reconnected in their hometown to write songs as a duo. With Swain on guitar and Miller on congas, the two utilized a drum machine to complete their sound. Soon after, Jon Ruff, known as DJ Riggles, joined the group and the trio gained a loyal regional following. In March 2004 they released their first studio album, On Your Feet, which was recorded and mixed in 24 studio hours at Pat Casey’s Modern Music Studios in Columbia, South Carolina. On Your Feet has proved a mainstay of the reggae/rock genre and is listed at No. 9 on The Pier’s 10 Essential Reggae Rock Albums.[2]

Set Sail and Subsequent Years

The band continued to build their following with nonstop touring throughout the United States. They enjoyed success in opening for national acts such as Steel Pulse, Blues Traveler, Slightly Stoopid, The Wailers, Ludacris, G. Love & Special Sauce, Common, Long Beach Shortbus, The Wu Tang Clan, SOJA, and 311.[3] Swain and Miller relocated to Philadelphia to begin recording what would be become their second studio album, 2008’s Set Sail at Philadelphonic Studios with producer Chris DiBeneditto, who had worked with G. Love & Special Sauce, Slightly Stoopid and The Expendables. DJ Riggles contributed heavily to the album, but left the band before it was released. To solidify the band’s lineup, DiBeneditto contacted local drummer Gary Jackson to sit in with Swain and Miller. The three hit it off immediately and Jackson brought in his friend, guitarist Jay Schmidt, to play bass. 2008 saw the release of “Set Sail” which proved to be a turning point in their careers and propelled the band into further nonstop touring and acclaim. In 2010 Swain left the band for what would only be a temporary hiatus, returning in 2012 to replace Miller, who quit the band abruptly just hours before a scheduled performance in Spartanburg, SC.[4] In March 2012, The Movement released their third studio album, One More Night, the only album featuring Miller as sole songwriter.

Reformation with Swain

The reformed trio, with Swain at the helm, relocated to San Diego, California to record their fourth full-length album Side by Side which was released in August 2013, and entered the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart at number 2.[5][6]

In February 2014 members of the band were arrested for possession of marijuana.[7] Later that year the band released “Beneath The Palms,” a surprise acoustic album on Thanksgiving day as a gift to fans.

In April 2015 the band released a single “Rescue” and announced plans to record another full length album.[8] The band’s sixth studio album, Golden, was released in April 2016 on Rootfire Cooperative, and topped the Billboard Reggae Albums chart.

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