Of Good Nature

"Indie-Rock-Reggae" - January 1, 2017

Of Good Nature

Life Worth Livin (1)


Emerging in 2011, the Indie-Rock-Reggae four piece transcends the typical box most reggae-rockers fit in. Elements of rock, funk, and jam blend nicely with the lyrically driven structure created in their songwriting. Of course, reggae is the main attraction; bringing together the unique sound known as Of Good Nature.

On October 23rd 2015, OGN’s sophomore album Life Worth Livin debuted at #5 on the iTunes Top Reggae Album Chart. The album has been well received by others in the genre. Howi Spangler (Ballyhoo!) on the title track single Life Worth Livin:

“The intro guitar/bass riff has that 311-shuffle vibe that I like…I also like how the song goes more uptempo in the bridge, almost like a jam band. Then they bring it back down to finish it out. Nice to hear a solid American reggae rock song from an East Coast band. It’s very easy to get cheesy with it and these guys don’t go there with “Life Worth Livin”.”

In the four years since they put out their debut album Just Add Water (which won Indie Ville Reggae Album of the Year, Nashville), Of Good Nature has evolved into a four-piece band. The group consists of Cameron Brown (lead vocals/guitar), Joey Vachon (backup vocals/drums), Brandon Hucks (trombone) and Jon Reed (bass).

While touring the East Coast since its birth, the band has rocked mainstream festivals such as Shamrock Fest (Washington, DC) and have shared the stage with major acts Sublime with Rome, Tribal Seeds, Keller Williams, The Movement, and many more.

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